Welcome Bonus Online Casinos

Welcome bonuses have become very popular on Canadian online casino sites, allowing new customers after registration to receive a pleasant bonus for a more productive start to the game. Usually, the casino welcome bonus consists of several pleasant bonuses that you choose yourself or the casino offers on its own. Such bonuses can be free spins or no deposit bonuses or additional amounts when depositing to the account of a newly registered account. Next, you will learn about the types of welcome bonuses, how to get them and weigh the pros and cons of this way of playing at a casino.

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What is a Casino Welcome Bonus?


Welcome bonuses are bonuses that a player receives after registering on an online casino website. Sometimes, these bonuses can include one or more types of bonuses. This can be free spins, or no deposit bonuses, an additional amount when making a deposit or making a larger amount to the account. Welcome bonus is created to introduce the player to the casino, its games, and opportunities. Using bonuses, the player must understand what games he likes and what bonuses where he can use. Welcome bonuses are a great chance to master the game on the site in an online casino at no extra cost.


Welcome bonus is the best type of bonus because you usually only need to register on the site to receive them. To register, you need to enter your data and the details of your card or e-wallet. Thus, you will create a new account on the site with your data, which will only be accessible to you. You can customize it to your liking, add your favourite games to the appropriate tabs and go to the bonuses section. There you can choose the welcome bonus that you need exactly for your game. For lovers of slot machines, no deposit bonuses or free spins bonuses will suit you. If you make big bets and your deposits reach $1000, then we advise you to take a closer look at the high roller bonus. It will help you get a higher percentage of the bonus ratio and you will receive a larger number of bonuses to your account. Unfortunately, if you are a fan of playing with live dealers, then welcome bonuses do not always contain bonuses for this type of game. Therefore, choose bonuses that you will use and wager so that you will enjoy this type of bonus for playing on the online casino website.


Tips on Using Sign up Casino Bonuses


Let us give you some initial tips on what to look out for when receiving bonuses. After all, bonuses are not only an attractive additional amount on your account but also certain conditions for compliance with the policy of online casino sites. Let’s list the most important points to take your time.


  • always check and read the conditions for receiving welcome bonuses. Before you agree to receive a bonus, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules for receiving it in advance. After all, the welcome bonus online casino may have a limited duration. The bonus can be used in the game for a specific slot or game. Carefully study the rules and understand whether you need this type of bonus.
  • check the conditions for wagering the welcome bonuses. Some casinos have too high wagering requirements for bonuses – sometimes it is too much to wager, sometimes it is too short wagering time. Study this issue carefully before you want to take a bonus.
  • check the payment methods. There are many types of deposits, from e-wallets to credit cards. If the welcome bonus online casino is reliable, then it cooperates with many payment systems that allow you to replenish your account. Many bonuses are only available if you make a deposit using a specific payment method.
  • check the withdrawal methods. As well as payment methods, there are many withdrawal methods, and the casino must cooperate with most banks for players to withdraw their winnings to their cash account. Only by fulfilling all the requirements for wagering the welcome bonuses will you be able to withdraw to your card or e-wallet what you won with bonuses and more.


How to Choose the Best Welcome Bonus


To choose the best casino with the best welcome bonuses, you need to pay attention to some factors that determine the quality of the casino. We have selected 5 important factors that will help you choose the best casino welcome bonuses:


  • casino licenses. The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a casino is its legality. Safe and secure casinos have licenses that approve casinos. Such licenses are common mainly in countries and cities where gambling is permitted.
  • eCOGRA approval. To play safely at the casino, pay attention to the eCOGRA seal of approval. If it is absent, then for sure, this site is distinguished by its defiance. This license is an indicator of the quality of online casinos and thanks to it; many casinos were closed shortly after verification.
  • wagering conditions. We strongly recommend that you read the rules that determine the conditions for receiving and wagering a bonus before receiving or requesting a bonus. After all, it is there that you can find the duration of the casino welcome bonuses, the specifics of their work, and the possibility of wagering them. Many players do not read the terms and conditions and then end up in bad situations. So, read and play mindfully.
  • percentage of the bonus. The more money you put into the casino, the greater the amount of the bonus presented to you. Therefore, it is in your best interest to play for high stakes to receive plentiful bonuses.
  • payment options. A good casino like Luxury casino in Canada always has a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods to please all of Canada’s customers. The most popular is casino with Google Pay.


How to Claim Welcome Package


Many people wonder how to choose the right one and get a bonus for their game. We will now go over all the steps to getting a welcome bonus step by step. After all, it is important to trace the process of obtaining it for further successful play.


  • first, you need to register on the online welcome bonus casinos. The registration process takes little time and is very simple. You need to enter a phone number or email address and come up with a password to log in. Additionally, you must enter the first and last name and the details of the payment method you have chosen.
  • after registration, you need to view all the options for discounts and promotions that the casino offers. After examining everything, you will choose the bonus that suits you best for your game strategy. If you are a fan of slots, opt for the free spins bonus. If you are a fan of card games, choose no deposit bonuses.
  • after choosing bonuses, fill in the appropriate fields to receive bonuses. To receive a bonus, you must fulfill certain conditions. Conditions can be the duration of the bonus, playing on a certain slot or a certain cardboard game, using a certain payment method.
  • check the entered data. After you have read the details of receiving the bonus and filled in the appropriate fields, make sure that the information entered is correct. Indeed, if you entered something incorrectly, you will not be able to receive a bonus. We advise you to carefully reread what you typed and, if typed correctly, send the data to the welcome bonus casinos.
  • get bonuses and use them. After you have received the bonuses, you can safely start playing your favourite games and use the bonuses for their intended purpose. After all, thanks to the bonuses, the game will become much more exciting and interesting.


Types of Welcome Bonuses


There are many ways to get a new customer interested in casino welcome offers. Best online casino Canada, as Golden Tiger casino, offer different categories of player bonuses. Sometimes it can be whole packages of welcome bonuses. These bonuses include free spins, no deposit bonuses, match bonus, reload bonus, high roller bonus for those who like to play for high stakes. Choose from the list of casinos the bonus package that suits you. After all, there is no point in getting free spins bonus if you want to play card games and only them. Also, do not take the high roller bonus if you are a beginner and are just about to start playing. Thus, let’s look at the types of bonuses in more detail.


Match Bonus


The match bonus is a nice addition to your game. After making the first deposit, an additional amount is credited to your casino account, which you can spend playing in the casino. The amount that acts as a bonus depends on the amount of your deposit. The more money you put in the account, the more you will receive the amount into the account. However, this amount must be wagered for you to be able to withdraw money from the account. To do everything right, it is better to read the detailed information about the conditions for receiving the bonus and the conditions for wagering it. Remember or write down the amount that you need to wager to withdraw money from the casino account. Until you win this amount by playing games on welcome bonus online casino, you will not be able to withdraw money. Otherwise, you will need to replenish your account and play until you win the required amount.


Free Spins Bonus


The free spins bonus gives you a certain number of bonus spins in slot games. This is an ideal bonus for those who prefer to play slot machines on the welcome bonus casino website. Such a bonus will greatly increase the chances of matching for the bonus game and winning the jackpot. After all, in addition to your deposit, you also have a good supply of free spins that you can use while playing slot machines. By spinning slots with free spins, you can collect the required combination and get a few more free spins. It is easier to clear this bonus as it extends the free spins and makes it possible to enter the bonus game. However, do not forget about the need to read the conditions for obtaining and wagering. After all, you must know what conditions must be met so that you can withdraw the coveted winnings to your light or card. Follow them and decide if you need such a bonus.


Reload Bonus


A reload bonus is a kind of match bonus only for old players. When an already registered user deposits in his account, he can receive such a casino welcome offer. The bonus is a certain additional amount to your account on the online casino website. You can also use it to play both slot machines and card games. However, the wagering conditions are still unchanged – having received a certain amount, which depends on the amount of the deposit, you must wager the amount specified in the conditions of receipt. The more you get, the more you have to wager. However, this condition must be met for you to be able to withdraw your money to your account or card. Read the wagering rules and enjoy your bonus by playing on the site of your chosen online casino.


No Deposit Bonus


No deposit bonuses are also a certain amount donated by the casino to the casino client’s account. To receive such a welcome bonus offer, you do not have to make a deposit, but simply immediately receive the amount from the casino. A nice bonus from the casino will allow players to get acquainted with the assortment offered by the casino of your choice. The absence of the need for your deposit is a pleasant opportunity to earn money without investing your money. However, you can withdraw your winnings only after wagering for a no deposit bonus. Therefore, carefully read the rules for receiving and wagering, because they will help you earn without depositing your financial resources. After familiarization, proceed to the games that can give the greatest winnings or jackpots, so you will have a chance to win back the amount faster and start earning.


High Roller Bonus


The high roller bonus is for players who like to place high stakes and make large deposits on the websites of online casino with welcome bonus. The more deposits that players make, the more they receive for additional slot and card games. We are talking about thousands of dollars that players deposit, and for this, they receive impressive bonuses. Such a bonus allows you to reach a new, more serious level of the game, which allows you to manage large finances – both to lose them and to win. You will be able to communicate with other players, but having such a bonus, you have a significant advantage over your rivals or even a live dealer. But it is still important to read the rules for receiving and wagering before receiving a bonus, so as not to lose a large amount of money in vain. But if you do it right, you can enjoy your winnings.


Sign Up Casino Bonus Percentage


When a player enters the sign up bonus casino website, he is already presented with a menu of welcome bonuses and the percentage of the ratio of the amount that he will receive. This percentage can not only double your deposit but also increase it by 3 or 5, depending on the casino that offers welcome bonuses. Carefully read the percentages offered by various online casino sites and choose the most profitable for you. After all, the required type of welcome bonuses depends on you. Pay attention to the type of bonuses you need and the percentage of the ratio that will increase your amount in your account.


After you have selected the bonus you want to receive, look at the percentage of the bonus ratio. You need to choose the most profitable percentage that you can wager, but at the same time, you will get more free spins or a larger amount to your account. Calculate the duration of the welcome bonus, the possibility of wagering it, and the percentage of the ratio with the deposit. If you understand that the bonus suits you, then feel free to send a request for it and enjoy the winnings. But don’t forget to clear the bonus.


The principle by which the bonus amount is calculated is very simple. The more a player makes a deposit, the more the amount that will be credited to his casino account as a bonus. Moreover, the higher the percentage of the ratio you have chosen, the greater this amount will be, which acts as a bonus. For example, if you deposited $100, then with a 100% bonus ratio, you will receive an additional $100, which, for example, you will need to wager in a week or a month. If you bet $200 and choose 200%, then you get $400 extra for your entertainment and enjoyment. And finally, if your casino offers a 500% bonus, then by betting $100, you will receive an additional $500 to your account. The procedure for calculating the percentage is simple and each player can independently calculate the bonus that he will receive if he takes one or another welcome bonus. Therefore, we recommend that you calculate in advance what you can get and understand whether you need to agree to receive welcome bonuses.


Thus, we can summarize and agree that the bonus ratio is a useful feature of welcome bonuses, allowing you to earn more playing for casino money. The initial deposit controls this amount and is in direct proportion to the amount of the bonus ratio. For your convenience and greater benefit, calculate the bonuses before registering it because sometimes you can take a higher percentage, but get less benefit. This can happen because the duration of the bonus may differ, or this percentage is possible only when playing on a particular slot. However, you, for example, are not a fan of such games, and even a large percentage will not increase your profit. After all, then it will not be a game for pleasure.


Benefits & Drawbacks of Using Welcome Bonuses


Like any other concept in a casino, welcome bonuses have their pros and cons. For a more convenient perception of the information, we have compiled two lists of the most important pros and cons so that you understand whether it is worth accepting welcome bonuses from the casino. To begin with, let’s start with the positive aspects of this type of bonuses.


  • Originally a casino that offers an online casino welcome bonus has a reputation for being a reliable and secure casino. Since the casino gives the player bonuses, the casino trusts the new client a priori and allows him to play games and get acquainted with the range of various casino games.
  • Most of the welcome bonuses contain free spins. Even if you are not a fan of slot machines, this bonus is a nice addition to your game. Maybe you should try playing a certain slot and luck will smile on you. After all, free spins are a good start in playing slot machines.
  • The ability to withdraw money. After receiving the online casino welcome bonus, you have a certain amount of time in which you must clear this bonus if you want to be able to withdraw money. Most real money casinos Canada have low wagering requirements, making it more likely for players to actually win real money.
  • A large percentage of the bonus ratio. Most bonuses operate according to the principle – the larger the deposit amount, the best casino welcome bonus you can receive. This is how the high roller bonus is one of the most prestigious casino bonuses. This percentage of the ratio can reach up to 500%.
  • Most casinos give newbies no deposit bonuses. The new player is not required to make the first deposit. He can use the deposit provided by the casino and start playing. Having won back the bonus, the player can withdraw the winnings without even making the first deposit.


However, welcome bonuses have their drawbacks. Let’s take a closer look at them.


  • Some casinos significantly overestimate the wagering requirements. Because of this, players cannot clear the bonus for a very long time, making their deposits and not winning anything. Many gamblers don’t like this and give up these types of casinos. Therefore, it is better to immediately make sure that the wagering amount is quite real.
  • Most bonuses have a limited duration. Sometimes the player simply does not have time to use it, but it must be played in any case. Therefore, it is inconvenient for the players and many players abandon these types of casinos because of this. Please check these details before receiving the bonus. It is in your best interest to know more about additional privileges.
  •  Welcome bonuses do not work in games with live dealers. If you are a fan of playing with real dealers, then you have to disappoint you, since the bonuses in such games are not valid. However, you can try your hand at new online casino games.
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