No Wagering Casino Bonus

Online gambling is one of the best ways to spend time on the Internet. It is fun and entertaining; moreover, it allows Canadian players to win some cash by playing games! No matter if you are an advanced player or just a beginner you will definitely confirm that casino bonuses are making online gambling this wonderful. There are so many bonuses’ types, for each and every one of you. But admit it: the no wagering no deposit bonus Canada is the greatest of them, because it allows you to play without any requirements. It means you do not need to worry but start playing and win right now!

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What are Wagering Requirements


If you love online gambling as much as we do, you have heard the one thing that is making it so special. Almost every online casino no wagering offers its users many various promotions, called bonuses. And to learn more about this, you should read online casino reviews, for example Quatro Casino. Some of them are small and simple, but others are more than generous. The main goal of their existence is to attract new players and to reward the regular clientele. However, you need to keep in mind online casino bonus is not a charity. Casinos are not charitable organizations and act solely in their own interests. This must always be remembered. You will not get the bonus money just for free. Otherwise, it would be extremely unprofitable for the casino to allow you to play. The catch is that you have to fulfill the wagering requirements. The no wagering online casinos use that term to refer to the number of times you should bet the given sum to be able to withdraw the money you won. Sounds frustrating, yeah? Well, most players think so. But don’t worry! The gambling industry is never static, it is developing fast, so nowadays there are plenty of casinos with no wager bonus Canada based, and their number is constantly increasing. To play and win, it’s important to understand how wagering works and what types of no-wager exist. You have to be taken to it like a duck to water! Remember, do not be ashamed to admit that you have some problems with understanding its work; the wagering is not meant to be logical, but preventative. We will try our best to tell you everything we know about it, so you can play confidently and without any trouble! So let’s go to the world of no-wagering gambling together, just hang on tight!


How No Wagering Requirements Work?


We all like to play and win, and in a perfect world, we could withdraw money instantly without any requirements. Wagering can be harsh and painful. Its initial goal is preventing the laundering of money, and despite the necessity, for regular players, it is extremely inconvenient. However, now you know that wagering is also greatly beneficial for gambling platforms, so they are reluctant to change their rules. “But you said that there are no wagering online casinos Canada! Was that a lie?” No, we are honest with you. Nonetheless, before we will start to discuss all the features of no-wagering gambling, you need to understand, how wagering works. Wagering requirements provide wager-making in all sorts of table games, slots no wagering, pokes etc. The number of wagers is multiplied by the amount of the welcome bonus, and the eventual sum will be equal to the total deposit amount of bets that players have to make before they are able to withdraw. Most of the time the wager is massive: x40, x60 or even x100. So, obviously, with a bigger wager it will take longer for gamblers to play it trough. Let’s look at the examples of how it works. Hypothetically, you have got $100 as a welcome bonus, and you are aware that the wagering requirement is x20. Well, that is a lot of money, as you have to deposit at least $2000 to be allowed to withdraw. It gets worse as you think that there are bigger amounts of wager, so the total sum would be truly gigantic. Well, it is not the end yet. To make gambling affordable and free-for-all, some casinos have lowered their wagering to a very pleasing number or made no-wagering options. You can have some no wagering free spins, the cashback bonus or even the no deposit one!


What Are Low Wagering Requirements?


As we have already mentioned before, the wagering requirements are very advantageous for gambling platforms. It is the feature that makes users stay longer and to play more often. The catch is that the wager might be really huge, and it would be almost impossible to get the money on your card. For some players it can be extremely unaffordable, so they would not start to play at all. To solve this problem and to attract more newbies, some casinos have lowered their wagering requirements. Now they usually range from 5 to 15 multiplier, and in comparison to the previous amount of wagering, the difference is pretty serious. Let’s take a look at the numbers. Lately, if you have the $100 welcome bonus and x20 wagering amount, the eventual sum would be a full $2000. For now, we’re speaking of the $500 as the minimal amount of needed bet’s money. Sure, we calculated the average version of the registration bonus, with its changes the final amount will also change. Therefore, if you want to try playing cheaper with a smaller amount of money to bet, try to find one of the low wagering casino Canada based.


How to Claim No Wagering Casino Bonuses


Gambling can be hard sometimes. It takes years to learn how to play online games like a professional and to start winning something. What can make gambling more convenient and profitable? Of course, the online bonuses! Free spins no wagering, devise & bank promotions, seasonal rewards and last but not the least, the welcome bonus. However, some people try to avoid every bonus they see. But if you know, how to make it easier, you will succeed every time you play. How? The answer is – low wagering casino bonus! That is an irreplaceable promotion that could become a real life-changer if you try it at least once. You might be wondering, how to get it. Well, just for your comfort we prepared this easy turn-based instruction of how to claim the wagering bonus.


  • Choose the best casino from any of the no wagering casino sites. There is a list of them at the top of our article, in which you would find all the best Canadian casinos that provide their users with the no wagering promotion.
  • Create a personal account. The next thing you have to do is to enter all your information into the right fields, then, after submitting the payment option and basic documentary information, you’ll be done.
  • Get the bonuses. Cash rewards for registration will be credited to your account automatically, so merely check your game wallet and you will see how much you received. Read the terms and conditions before creating the profile, so you will not be surprised by the amount of your bonus.
  • Enjoy the game! It is time to start playing any slot you want! Do you prefer poker or maybe roulette? Try everything!


Following these steps, you will be done in a few minutes without any worry We hope it is helpful and clear!


Types of No Wagering Bonuses


Luckily for all of us, the online casino industry is constantly evolving and providing brand-new tools to make your gaming time the best time of the day. As you know, there are not so many no wagering casinos Canada based, but a bunch of gambling platforms have one of a few bonus options with no wagering. Everyone can find a promotion for every taste and every occasion. There are cashback bonuses, free spins, and extra promotions on no wagering slots, VIP-rewards, as well as the deposit and the no-deposit bonuses. Today we will tell you about these five main kinds of zero-wagering promotions and all their features.


No Wagering Welcome Bonuses


The welcome bonus is a reward given to the new users for their registration. And, to be honest, we can talk hours and hours about the sign-up bonuses and their conditions, because they vary from one gambling platform to another. But as we are talking about the distinct bonus type, let us take a look at the specifications of this particular welcome bonus. Well, after the creation of the account you will receive a reward. Usually that is a fraction of the initial deposit amount. The percentage is usually pretty high, approximately 100-200 percent; it will multiply your bet automatically. Therefore, if the welcome bonus is around $100, you would have at least $200 in total. This type of promotion is usually the favourite of most gamblers around the world. Getting this reward, you will be allowed to start your gaming immediately with a healthy bankroll. However, the only sad thing about this bonus is the inaccessibility to withdraw your winnings any time you want because of the wagering. It is not a problem anymore! In the no wagering casino you can get some cash without delay and any requirements. Just make sure it is safe and free, and you would be fine!


No Deposit No Wager Bonuses


This is probably the best casino bonus yet the most unreal one. The no-deposit means you basically have free money to start gambling. Essentially, these bonuses are offered to new players, encouraging them to make a casino profile. The advantage of this bonus’ type is that the client can play for real money without risking their own funds. However, there is one significant drawback – it will be very difficult to withdraw the wagered amount from the account. And now the great news: there are casinos with online casino bonus no wagering and no deposit. It means that you can actually get free money! Well, nobody wants to throw away their money without any chance of returning, except, perhaps, Tibetan monks and some altruistic hermits. That is the reason why this promotion is the epitome of generosity. It is extremely rare and there are only two ways to get it. The first is made for those who would like to upgrade their skills by practicing their favorite games without any limits. Basically, you are playing the demo version of slots, but you still have the possibility to win some cash. Also, it is available for VIP-clients with a great banking history.


No Wagering Free Spins


Probably the most popular type of bonus is free spins. On average, their number varies from 10 to 30. But the biggest plus in this type of promotion is the opportunity to try the slot in “combat conditions”. Thus, without spending a penny of your money, you will learn the gameplay and the attractiveness of the slot machine. Modern casinos like to give free spins for special games they want to promote. For casinos, this is primarily a promotion. In this regard, the number of spins, without replenishment with your own money, is usually not large. On average, it varies from 10 to 30. The wagers can vary approximately from x10 to x60. There is no universal number here; all establishments have their own conditions. But there are online casinos in which there is a free bonus no wagering. Thismight be the right bonus for you if you want to win real money without any investment. Yet, you have to keep in mind that quite often free spins have the winning limit and you will not earn millions of euros with no cent invested. However, it is a good way to try your luck and to spend some time profitably.


No Wagering Cashback


The returning of lost funds is, in general, an excellent incentive. Most of the time, the cashback percentage is approximately 5 to 25 percent. Let us think logically if a person has already lost their money and for this, they obviously should receive a small cashback. To participate in the promotion, you have to make a request. Top Canadian casinos offer similar cashback promotions on certain days of the week. Refunds are accrued automatically; users will not have to wager these loans. However, this return often also needs to be won back. The wager, in this case, is not very large. It is x3, x10, x20 etc. But admit it: it is absurd that you need to give back even the money you had lost. News flash: there is the special no wagering requirements casino bonus made to simplify the cashback bonus. Getting it, you will be able to get a cashback of your lost games with no monetary limits. Cashback is usually not big, but to be honest, any percentage is pleasing. Just imagine: even if you lost all your money, you will still be in the black since the money will come back to you, at least partially. The cashback could be granted both as real cash or bonus money.


No Wager VIP Rewards


One of the most common promotions is VIP bonuses, which are offered only to VIP players. The options for VIP offers can be very different; each casino no wagering makes its own offers to players. Players who are on the list of such users, as a rule, receive a higher exchange rate for points, improved and upgraded bonuses, various private tournaments, as well as the possibility of getting additional gifts. Sometimes VIP-users would even get the helping hand of a personal manager, who is monitoring all their interests and preferences to suggest to them the rewards and event, made especially for them!


One of the most amazing loyalty promo options is the best no wagering casino bonus, by which you will be allowed not to wager your winnings at all. As you have already understood, this type of promotion is what makes the gaming process much more entertaining and profitable. Well, you might be wondering, how to become a VIP-user as that is so great. All you need to do is follow the rules of the loyalty program of the particular no wagering online casino to climb the bonus levels step by step!


Best No Wager Casinos in Canada


The world seems to be a pretty dark place sometimes. There are so much stress and worry in it, and we sure need something to distract ourselves. What we love about gambling is that it never fails in entertaining us. No time spent at the casino is wasted. However, we spend money as well. In fact, you can not only spend your cash but also earn it by depositing and winning. Helping you, top casino online developers come up with various bonus programs that allow you to get an extra amount of bonus money or the percentage to your deposit. Bonuses are different, so anyone could find something for their taste. Most of them you eventually would have to play through to be allowed to withdraw at your banking account.


Therefore, we are sure that this little number of no wagering casino Canada based is unfair. It is natural but we are still upset because this promotion is beneficial for regular players. To make sure you would not feel lost in this miserable world of zero-wagering casinos, we made the catalog of the best gambling Canadian platforms that offer this bonus. Enjoy these casinos: PlayOjo Casino (will give you 80 free spins for the registration), Bethard (you will get between 20-250 free spins, depending on the deposit), Piggy Band Casino (there are 55 no wager game rounds), Scatters (provides you with the $25 no risk-free deposit), Viggoslots (the 3-round bonus including the no wagering free spins, 100% multiplying on the deposits up to $1000 in total), Vegas luck (you will have 1 free spin for every dollar of your deposit) etc. Go to these sites and do not miss the chance of getting extra money!


Pros & Cons of No Wagering Bonuses


Wagering requirements can be painful. They make the playing process harder for every gambler, no matter how long they have been playing. Luckily, nowadays the number of casinos without wagering is constantly increasing, so it is easier to find the most suitable casino, considering all its features, like the withdrawal time, the gaming library, the providers’ team etc. People love gambling websites with no wagering, and here is why.


  • No wasted time! Right after winning, you can withdraw it immediately, with no waiting for the grass to grow. It is simple and fast.
  • No risk. With the canceling of wagering, you won’t be worrying about the safety or the necessity of playing trough.
  • Your interests matter. With the no wagering bonus the playing process would become much easier and quicker. The casinos appreciate your time and values, so they are making the game as pleasing as possible.


However, you have to remember all the pitfalls of the no wagering casinos.


  • Small rewards. For example, getting the free wager spins, you would not have the opportunity to win the big sums, because of the winning limit and the maximal bets.
  • Small timeframes. That is the reason you always have to check the expiration date to make sure everything is in order.


Be careful and read the fine print very closely, and you will succeed.

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