MasterCard Casinos Online in Canada


There probably aren’t a lot of people that haven’t heard, or better yet used this renowned payment method. For the majority of online casinos, MasterCard has become the number one option to deposit and withdraw money on the online account. Let’s find out what makes using the best MasterCard casino sites so great!

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Online Casinos That Accept MasterCard In Canada

The tendency of this fast-changing era we all live in is to emphasize the speed of different activities. It makes sense to want to have everything at the tip of a finger, available only by a click, especially in an age dominated by the online world. How else would we have time to discern through all the information we are constantly subjected to?

Having this in mind, an association between online casinos and a fast and safe means to deposit money on the website’s virtual account, became mandatory. Thus, we can easily presume that the best online casino that accepts MasterCard, has the best interests of customers at heart.

There is little doubt that MasterCard is the number one payment service across the globe. These features that the service provides has made the best MasterCard casinos in Canada to choose this alternative as the main and most trustworthy option to offer to gamblers on their site. The worldwide expansion, the fact that these cards are used in over 200 countries and accepted by more than 25 million companies and the easiness of usage, are just some of the benefits that online casinos take advantage of by having MasterCard as the preferred deposit and withdrawal option.

Let’s begin with admitting the fact that online casinos take the benefits of using MasterCard as the deposit and withdraw option. Are you interested in why it is so? We are here to tell you about it! MasterCard has become a No.1 deposit method only because of its advantages, which we will describe to you soon. Wait a bit, and you will get to know them. So, MasterCard is really easy to use, so depositing won’t take too much time. Also, you can see which casinos accept it. For instance, JackpotCity casino or Zodiac casino in Canada. Just read all the necessary rules before using it. Go ahead!

How To Deposit Money Into Casino Using MasterCard

When everything else is said and done, all there is left is to browse through the British Columbia casinos list to see what online casino accepts MasterCard and choose from those alternatives. Once that happens, a personal profile on that online casino needs to be created. This is one of the fun activities, meant to put your imagination to test a bit, by finding a code name and unbreakable password. Enter all the required personal data and carry on to your desired business.

The following step is to find the payment section of the online casino and select MasterCard as the preferred option. At this point, financial information is required. Insert the needed details from the card, such as the card number, name of the owner, expiry date, safety code from the back of the card and so on. Pick the amount you want to transfer from the card to the virtual account and after the confirmation that the transaction went through, go on with the intended MasterCard online gambling.

Before depositing money, you have to select a casino, which accepts MasterCard. Just stay with us and we will tell you about these casinos soon. There might be some fears of making a deposit, but we are going to take them away. When you have chosen that one casino you like, it’s necessary to create your casino account, where you can find a payment page. Great work, you have almost done it! The next step is to insert your card details, such as your card number. Our congrats, you should wait a bit for a confirmation for your casino balance update. That isn’t too hard, is that? We are sure you will do it perfectly!

How To Withdraw From MasterCard Casino Online

Taking out money is just as simple as depositing them. As a recommendation, ahead of proceeding to the MasterCard withdrawal casino, perhaps read once again the terms and conditions and make sure that the wagering requirements have been met if you’ve used some of the site’s promotions.

On the site, similar to the deposit section, a withdrawal area exists just as well. It’s mandatory to select MasterCard withdrawal, casino being informed thus of your intentions and the means to get it done. Any player can choose to terminate his virtual account by retrieving all the money inside, or merely a piece of the amount.

Careful, some casinos have minimum and maximum limits when it comes to withdrawing money. Some MasterCard details are required once more, and the deal is done. A verification of this transaction is to be made by the bank which emitted the card, and after a couple of days, the time being specified in the site’s terms, the money becomes available on your bank account.

Finally, your money is available in your casino account. You might consider that a withdrawal is too hard. If you do, we are going to change your mind and show, that it’s easy even for beginners! First of all, you need to go to a withdrawal page and choose MasterCard as your withdrawal option. That sounds simple, doesn’t it? Then you just need to indicate the necessary amount and don’t forget about your MasterCard details. Yeah, you are doing well! A bit of patience for the verification process and your winnings are at your disposal.

What are the advantages of Using MasterCard?

All casinos that accept MasterCard underline the advantages that this option provides to their customers. Among these advantages, we have found some to be of the highest importance, from both points of view, of casinos, as well as clients, as follows:

MasterCard is trying to keep up with all trends, it has some visible advantages. Interesting? So, keep reading! Imagine: you are out of Canada, and you need your money urgently. What are you supposed to do? First of all, don’t be sad, since we are here to cheer you up – Mastercard can help anywhere. Don’t you think that this fact makes MasterCard convenient?

As mentioned above, this form of payment is accepted all over the world, making it easy to transfer funds in and out of the card whether in Canada or outside borders. Let us guess: you are afraid of being broken into by illegal intruders? Of course, you are! The only thing we are going to tell you is that MasterCard safety is of outstanding quality.

The safety measures that MasterCard provides to keep their customers safe from illegal intruders are recognized to be of the utmost quality. A deep check of the websites is a great benefit for gamblers since there is a risk of being hacked by somebody. This advantage lets you surf the Internet without problems!

MasterCard even does a thorough check of the websites that want to enter in partnership with them, not wanting to risk being associated with illicit activities, while at the same time, trying to expand the security measures over their customers. Still not convinced about its safety and afraid of depositing large sums? It’s natural, just try MasterCard yourself and you will be assured!

It’s one of the safest and quickest ways to deposit and withdraw large amounts of money, having the highest limit that most casinos allow for these operations. For you to know, there are numerous other advantages. For example, easy withdrawals. Then there are some benefits for the cardholder and friendly attitude to casinos, which make MasterCard more attractive to its consumers. Just try it yourself!

Trying to keep up with all the trends and areas of interest, MasterCard is keen on being as accommodating as possible towards online casinos, recognizing in this business an engine of exponential growth.

What are the disadvantages of Using MasterCard?

Of course, things aren’t always fine and dandy, and as in any other domain, there are still things that could suffer improvements, or aspects that some users think could be done differently. Here are some of the disadvantages it’s possible to encounter when using MasterCard online casino, or at least some things to keep an eye out for, so as to not come as a shock if they happen:

When entering the financial data on any casino online MasterCard, MasterCard gives its customers the possibility to use a debit or a credit card. Make sure you fully comprise the difference between these two, as the debit card lets clients use their own money, while the credit card makes use of the bank’s money, being considered a loan. And as any loan, it’s subject for fees and interest. It’s all good when winning and being able to repay the money, but careful when losing, because the sum due to the bank might be larger than predicted.

Issues regarding the ease to transfer money from the card to the online account, as every customer must have available at all times the security number on the back of the card.

Also, there is the concern of the online casino account being hacked, with the criminals gaining access to all financial and personal data. However, we need to emphasize that this is not a usual concurrence, but it is a risk that could occur.

We agree, that these disadvantages might put you in trouble, but there are other ones, which must be mentioned. Let’s take a closer look at it! Additional bank fees might be even as high as 15% for some transactions, so keep it in mind, when you are going to withdraw your money. And the last disadvantage is time for a withdrawal. Can you imagine, that it can take over 72 hours?! All these things may make using MasterCard not so enjoyable, but it doesn’t cancel its advantages!

Different Types of MasterCard

For any online casino, MasterCard is almost certainly an available option. However, given the fact that there is more than one type of cards under the MasterCard name, special attention must be given to those that are accepted and those that are not. While there are four groups of cards under the name of MasterCard, casino sites might be picky when it comes to some of them, as we can see next:

  • You will have no problems using a Credit Card because most casinos accept it.
  • The one that almost no casino refuses is the credit card. From the casino operator’s point of view, this is the type that holds the most chances of being genuine. That is because, in order to receive such a card, which is basically a loan from the bank, the customer undergoes an analysis of his revenues and credit score. If the outcome is to receive a credit card, it can only mean that we’re talking about a quality type customer. So, if casinos have no problems with a Debit Card, you will have no problems either! Everything you need is your money on the card, and you are ready to play!
  • The debit card is the most common type used. It lets the gambler use only his own money, and most sites have no problem allowing them for use on their sites. Are you still concerned about the security of your data? There is no need to worry because a Prepaid Card has the best security of all.
  • The prepaid cards offer a higher degree of security for the players, seeing how the amount available on the card is pre-established, but offer no data referring to the customer’s quality for the online casino. Of course, Gift Cards may put the casino operator into trouble, but it isn’t enough to refuse to accept it, right? Do you know that you can use all four of these types? Now you do.
  • The gift cards are the ones frowned upon, seeing how there aren’t any means of keeping tabs on the real data on the identity of the user, which might translate into legal issues for the casino operator.

Top MasterCard Online Casinos for Real Money

After going through all the pluses and minuses of using MasterCard on wagering websites, let’s not lose focus on the fact that all of these revolve around real money. For any casino, MasterCard is a way to gain access to their large customer database, trying to get as much as possible from this partnership. Also, the MasterCard company would like, as a return of the favor:

  • to gain as much notoriety as possible among the gamblers,
  • to make sure that the online casinos that they associate with are perfectly legit
  • to attract additional customers from the casinos’ customers ranks, in order to increase their business.

The third involved party in this discussion is the key ingredient to any operation and is represented by the customers and their desires. Their main drive is obviously, winning money. In order to keep them satisfied on this level, the gamblers that play online casino with MasterCard, like Captain Cooks mobile casino, are sometimes entitled to additional benefits, depending on the collaboration between the casino and MasterCard:

  • some offer bonuses in the form of cash
  • some promotions multiply the amount deposited through MasterCard but make it dependent on some wagering times requirements
  • there are casinos that offer free spins for certain games
  • also, huge progressive jackpots are put at gamblers’ disposal

Since prizes, which you can win, are made by a collaboration between two companies, these prizes are quite different. But, as you can see, a gambler can obtain this prize by playing with real money. By now you will be wondering, what prize it is. So, it’s time to get to know everything about cash bonuses, extra spins and so on. Have we mentioned jackpots? No? They are offered for serious gamblers ready to put some real cash on the line. You can obtain these bonuses yourself. All you need to do is give it a try.

Mobile Casinos that Accept MasterCard

As stated before, one of the main concerns that online casinos share with MasterCard is the accessibility trait. Being able at all times to join an online casino Mastercard and gamble, whether in front of the home desktop or not. Thus, the best online MasterCard casinos have developed the mobile version of these websites.

In other words, mobile casinos are nothing else than the same casino sites that take MasterCard, that have adapted their services to be compatible with the smartphones’ operating systems, their display and other peculiarities pertaining to these devices. This development has emphasized the easiness of access and speedy transactions while maintaining security measures at the same high levels.

Depositing and withdrawing money is hardly any different than in the case of the desktop version, with the same steps to go through:

  • choose the desired payment option as MasterCard
  • enter the needed details of the card, which are the same as in the first example
  • wait for the verification to be completed and when the confirmation arrives, you are set to proceed.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, a mobile casino and a desktop version are almost the same, so that means that the deposit procedure doesn’t differ too much. If you are eager to get to know, keep reading! We should tell, that all transactions are really smooth and relatively fast, so there is no need to worry about speed. Everything you should do is to choose MasterCard as the payment option and remember to enter your card details. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? In the end, you have to wait for a verification process. You’ve done it, our congratulations!

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